How To Use This Website

To start creating your own calendar you will first need to create your free account. After doing so, you will be able to login to this site so it can remember your settings on subsequent visits.

After Logging In

Use the "Import" tab in the menu to begin importing schedules from other websites. The menu will fly-out with all the available options. Select the option to navigate to that importing page, and follow the instructions on screen.

You change the calendar view by clicking on the "Day", "Week", or "Month" links located at the top of your calendar. There will be a slight delay each time as the calendar retrieves the information on-demand from the external sources.

You can also change your preferences by clicking the "My Settings" tab in the menu. You can set the default calendar view as well as the number of events that are shown in month view. More settings may be added at a later time.

Viewing Somebody Else's Calendar

The MyCal site also allows you to view the calendar created by somebody else, provided you know their username.